Winchester Sx3 20 Gauge



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Winchester Sx3 20 Gauge

This 20 bore has allowed me to bang at clay targets, which has made shooting it a pure joy. A shell catcher is essential for this trap gun. Empties can be thrown quite far, so it’s not a good idea to leave the trap shooter to your right unattached. Second thought, I have shot with some trap mates and I wouldn’t mind that happening. Even though the empty loads flew 15 feet, I was shooting target-type loads. The SX3-20 bore performed flawlessly, whether it was fed Remington Gun Club factory feed or my own Winchester AAA reloads.

The SX3 20 gauge will not cause any eye damage as it is extremely attractive. Wood has a look that resembles traditional oil finishes, with some grain streaks. The receiver, barrel, and trigger guard have a special grey finish which provides additional eye candy. This finish is more resistant to corrosion than traditional blueing. However, the main point is how attractive the metal finish looks cosmetically.

Barrels with the Perma Coat UT finish (the UT for Ultra Tough), have a slightly higher vented rib that measures.237 in breadth and has a nicely serrated horizontally at the top for glare mitigation. These serrations are in line with the receiver’s top and forward-running grooves. The receiver is also available in grey, but has a nickel protective coating. There are milled-away lines on the receiver’s back for extra eye appeal. Winchester is on the left, while SX3 is on the right. It has a grey finish and is likely to have been tumbled with beads to give it its non-glare appearance.



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