winchester 209 primers



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winchester 209 primers

These primers are non-corrosive and all weather. They provide reliable ignition in any shooting conditions. Primers are rigorously and continuously tested for consistency and sensitivity in extreme conditions and temperatures. Winchester guarantees a higher level of sensitivity, which can be achieved through carefully controlled weights of primer mixes, consistency in size, quality, exact measurements and tolerances regarding anvil heights, stability in extreme temperatures, and humidity.

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Box of 1000: 10 sleeves of 100Box Of 5000: 5 boxes 1000

Made in the United States of America

These non-corrosive primers can be used in all types of shooting conditions. Primers undergo rigorous testing to ensure consistency and sensitivity even in extremes of temperature and conditions. Winchester guarantees higher sensitivity to positive firing in all guns. Winchester uses carefully-controlled primer mixtures. They also use consistent quality and size. Winchester also has precise tolerances for anvil heights.

209 primers

Winchester(r), Primers can explode when subjected to shock, impact, or extreme heat. Only store in the original factory container. Mass explosion is possible with bulk primers. Reloading primers should not be done with primer feed devices. 100 packs

  • All guns should have a higher sensitivity to allow for positive firing
  • Non-corrosive and non-mercuric
  • The weight of the primer mix is controlled.
  • Each Winchester primer is the same size and quality
  • To ensure perfect ignition, anvil heights are calibrated to exact tolerances.
  • Winchester primers are stable in extremes temperature and humidity

winchester 209 primers


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