Hornady SUPERFORMANCE Varmint 22-250 Rem 50gr V-Max 1000 rounds





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Loaded with Hornady’s popular V-Max polymer tipped bullet, SUPERFORMANCE Varmint ammunition is filled with proprietary propellants that increase the velocity ratings 100 to 200 feet per second compared to other popular brands. Because there is no increase in pressure, regardless of the caliber, there is no increase in felt recoil but there IS an increase in efficiency and high speed performance. Plus, SUPERFORMANCE Varmint loads are versatile and will perform flawlessly in all rifles, including semi-autos.

Hornady’s V-Max Bullets feature a polymer tip which enhances accuracy and promotes devastating expansion. The tip raises the ballistic coefficient for faster velocity and helps to stabilize the bullet in flight. It also acts as a wedge, initiating bullet expansion. The copper jacket provides the necessary bearing surface for maximum stability out of the barrel, and the jacket is built to withstand the fast twist rates of the most advanced varmint rifles.

Technical Information

  • Caliber: 22-250 Remington
  • Bullet Weight: 50 Grains
  • Bullet Style: V-Max
  • Case Type: BrassBallistics Information:
  • Muzzle Velocity: 4000 fpsAmmunition, Primers and Powder can only be shipped by UPS.


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