Glock 48 Single Stack 9mm Pistol-Tiffany Blue


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glock 42 tiffany blue

With a broad variation of dependability and toughness, GLOCK has extend the product offering by presenting a reduced slimline gun; ideal for all employments. Loaded in 9X19, the gun includes a conservative, slimline outline with silver nPVD finish and a 10-round magazine limit. The slide for the G48 has a minimal length (6.85 in).

Intend for Comfort

Continuing with the plan of the slimline series, the G48 makes an ideal thin fit for a wide assortment of hand sizes. The conservative slimline outline consolidates a more full size grasp length with a negligible profile of roughly 1″ for a serenely adjust, flexible hold that is ideal for an assortment of clients. While the width is like the G43, it is marginally more extensive to consider expand round limit along these lines, the G48 magazines are not exchangeable with the G43.

tiffany blue glock 42

The G48 highlights the silver nPVD finish on the slide. This strong completion is a variety of what is found on the G19X, which has withstood thorough military testing. The gun includes a comparable tallness as the G19 with a slimline width for expand client solace. Moreover, they highlight front serrations, an agreeable inherent beavertail, reversible magazine get and a match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel. It accompanies 10-round limit magazines highlighting high-perceivability orange adherents.

tiffany blue glock 42 tiffany blue is our new single stack, 9mm gun. The G43 is the most exceptionally wanted and expect delivery in Glocks today. The G43 is the solution to your ordinary covered convey needs. It’s super concealable, precise and incredible for all shooters paying little heed to hand size. The grasp has an inherent beaver tail plan which permits the shooter to gain a high and solid handle. The forceful surface of the hold lets the shooter all the more effectively work the gun. The enormous magazine get takes into consideration simple expulsion of the six round magazine. Design to similar guidelines, the G43 can withstand similar torments as other Glock guns.



tiffany blue glock 43
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The Glock 43 Eggshell Blue Single Stack Pistol

is the newest member of the slimline subcompact pistol family, and the smallest 9mm pistol Glock has ever introduced. Engineer with the Glock Perfection promise, the Glock 43 pistol presents confidence that fits into every lifestyle with its ultra-concealable profile and versatility.

As the most highly anticipating release in Glock’s today, the Glock 43 is the answer to your everyday conceal carry needs. The frame has a built-in beaver tail design, along with an aggressive texture which allows the shooter to acquire a higher and tighter grip, while the large magazine catch allows for easy removal of the single stack six round magazine.

The glock 42 tiffany blue is ultra-concealable, accurate and perfect for all shooters regardless of hand size. Back by superior engineering, the Glock 43 is able to withstand the rigorous testing proven by the Glock family of pistols.


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