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A cartridge without a primer is just scrap metal. CCI was founded by Richard Speer to supply a reliable source of primers for reloaders. CCI’s original product was Primers, long before Mini-Mag(tm), Stinger (r) or other well-known ammunition products.

cci 400 primers for sale have evolved over time because they are constantly tested and improved. CCI primers are more sensitive and easier to fit into progressive and automatic loading equipment today than ever before. CCI primers always include modern, non-corrosive, and non-mercuric initiator mixtures.

The “bread-and butter” of reloading are the standard line primers. They are the most frequently requested primers in reloading recipe. CCI standard primers burn remarkably clean, making primer pockets more sanitary and prolonging the time between cleaning. This is a major advantage for progressive reloaders. They are easier to seat and more sensitive than older .

#400 Small Rifle Primers

cci 400 primers for sale are constantly improved and tested. CCI primers today are more sensitive, more comfortable to sit in and compatible with progressive or automated loading equipment than ever. For the best burn, they use modern non-corrosive initiator mixes.


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400 Small Rifle, 200 Large Rifle


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