Canik TP9SF All Tungsten 9mm Pistol




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You’ve collected your favorite firearms in the past, now meet the highly-collectable gun Signature Series. Based on the premise of a limited production run and unique theming, the Signature Series will not be an item found every day in your local gun shop. While the TP9 and METE are your workhorse range pistols, the Signature Series will be the gem of your Canik collection. Similar to that of other collectable items produced in limited quantities, the goal behind the Signature Series is to offer a pistol to gun enthusiasts that will appreciate in value over time.

Canik will be releasing a new Signature Series pistol in limited quantities each year. All Canikgun Signature Series pistols will include a limited edition production number stamped on the slide, and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Each Signature Series offering will include exclusive design aspects to enhance the collector value of the firearm.

The gun is ecstatic to begin this new offering with the Signature Series TP9 SFx Whiteout! The first of these pistols have already begun shipping, so check your favorite gun store to purchase one today!

The gun series of pistols was introduced to the US market in 2012, when they were imported by Century Arms. theĀ  gun is a Turkish company.

They are known for making their TP9 series of pistols, which is an indirect copy of the Walther P99, which the patents had run out on.

The original Walther P99 came with a double-action, single action, striker-fired trigger, and the handgun added a decocker.

This is a departure from the more common single action only system that block and most other striker-fired manufacturers use.

When the gun was first introduced to the US market, it had a single-action Striker, but it also featured a decocker. Shop today at


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