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 6.8 Western ammo is a beltless short action cartridge that is made by taking a 270 WSM and shortening the case. Bullet diameter for the 6.8 Western are 0.277″. Factory options will be offered in 165 grain Accubond LR and 175 grain Sierra Tipped GameKing Long

The brand new 6.8 Western ammo is a heavy for caliber and high BC offering that performs in long-range hunting conditions and long-range shooting.

This brand new cartridge is perfect for hunting and has precision that is match-grade and can be a game changer when it comes to final efficiency for hunting big animals over all yards. I was gifted and tried the Browning X-Bolt rifle this past fall that was chambered with 6.8 Western and instantly built the rifle to be used in a forthcoming mules deer hunt. However, I did not have an ID tag and so I set it up for my friend to utilize. On the hunt, we spent some time trying to help my friend become comfortable using the gun at targets that ranged from 1,000 yards, as well as random ranges that went down to actual hunting yards.

Browning utilizes faster 1:7.5” twist rates to stabilize these heavy for caliber bullets which is a faster twist rate than what was traditionally used for this caliber.

Key features:

  • Heavy for caliber bullets with high ballistic coefficients
  • Magnum performance out of a short action rifle
    • Fast cycling with a reduced rifle weight
  • Less recoil than magnum cartridges

6.8 Western Ammo

6.8 Western COAL measurement

The 6.8 Western ammo factory loaded COAL measurement averages right around 2.917″.

The 6.8 Western is a beltless short action cartridge that is made by taking a 270 WSM and shortening the case. Bullet diameter for the 6.8 Western are 0.277″. Factory options will be offered in 165 grain Accubond LR and 175 grain Sierra Tipped GameKing Long Range Pro.

While testing the 6.8 Western ammo I was getting 2,830 fps out of a 24″ barrel with an extreme spread of 25 fps from a Magnetospeed chronograph. Just a small side note that the fps was very true to what was printed on the box. I only mention that because I’ve seen factory ammo vary a lot from what is printed on the box, and while certain shooting conditions might impact those numbers, it was nice to know that what I was reading on the box, was what I was getting. Also, the 175 grain bullet has a G1 BC of 0.617 and a G7 BC of 0.311.

6.8 WESTERN AMMO is always available


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