50 Beowulf Ammo


Tea . 50 Beowulf uses a bullet of a true. 500 caliber , with loaded ammunition offered from the factory in either a 400-grain soft point or a 325-grain hollow point, with velocities listed at 1800 and 1950 feet-per-second, respectively.


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50 Beowulf Ammo

50 Beowulf  Ammo  available for auction. We offer ammunition per box as well as bulk ammunition in cases in quantities of 50. All ammunition that we offer on our site is available and is ready to ship out of our warehouse located in High Point, NC. We do not accept pre-orders or back-ordered items. We carry Jacketed Hollow Point JHP as well as Hollow Point HP ammunition for self-defense and for duty purposes. We carry V-MAX, Polymer Tip and soft Point bullets designed for hunting, Varmint and Small Game Hunting. We also provide d Nose and Full Metal Jacket FMJ ammunition that is suitable for the plinking, target and shooting ranges. We provide a simple and secure checkout procedure. Our aim is to provide the highest level of customer service and products as well as packaging for our customers.

50 Beowulf Specifications & Ballistics

Its .50 Beowulf has a straight case that has a rim with a rebated that is modified from its original case and it’s .50 Action Express. The bullet measures .5 millimeters (12.7 millimeters) in diameter, and it extends up to .525 inches (13.3 millimeters) around the neck, and .535 inches (13.6 millimeters) in the middle. The diameter of the rim measures .445 inches (11.3 millimeters). The cartridge’s case measures 1.65 inches (42 millimeters) in length, which is a part of the cartridge’s 2.125 overall inches (54 millimeters). It has a huge firearm magnum. This .50 Beowulf’s ballistics are according to the weight of the bullet that can vary between 300-400 grains. At 300 grains the speed is 1,870 feet per second , with 2330 pounds of torque. At 325 gr, the speed is 1,800 ft/s, and 2,338 ft-lbs. For 334 gr, it’s 


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