Underwood Ammunition 50 Beowulf 350 Grain Hornady XTP Jacketed Hollow Point Box of 20



Product Information

50 Beowulf
Grain Weight
350 Grains
20 Round
Muzzle Velocity
1775 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2449 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Jacketed Hollow Point
Bullet Brand And Model
Hornady XTP
Lead Free
Case Type
G1 Ballistic Coefficient
Sectional Density
Velocity Rating


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50 beowolf ammo

While exploiting best 50 Beowulf ammo in class testing hardware, this superior ammo by Underwood is field tried utilizing well known, genuine guns that clients are destined to possess out in reality with every one of the components you would insight. On the off chance that for reasons unknown Underwood Ammunition neglects to meet execution assumptions, Underwood remains by their item 100% and will ensure the client is happy with each buy. This ammo is new creation, non-destructive, in fighter prepared, reloadable metal cases. The expression “50 Beowulf” is an enrolled brand name by Alexander Industries.

In addition the cartridge  50 Beowulf ammo uses a discount edge, measuring to coordinate with the edge of the 6.5mm Grendel round. The case body is practically the same in measurements to the .500 S&W Magnum pistol cartridge, being somewhat more and completely tight for program taking care of in the weapon.

The round expects to further develop halting force extraordinarily at short-to medium-range when contrasted with the standard 5.56×45mm NATO round. One of its promote utilizes is at vehicle designate spots, since the hefty slug’s flight way isn’t handily diverting via auto glass or standard vehicle body boards.

That is to say Hornady XTP projectiles intend for chasing, self-protection, and law implementation. An extraordinary aspect concerning the XTP shot is solid execution, it highlights controls extension where six serrations partition the projectile into six balance areas. These segments debilitate the coat to permit controlling development at low speeds and guarantees discontinuity doesn’t happen at high speeds. The XTP shot is truly know for its halting force. They were planning from the start to grow dependably at an assortment of handgun speeds and convey profound, terminal infiltration with each shot.


50 beowolf ammo

Consequently most handgun shots intend to perform at a solitary plant determine speed where the XTP projectile intends to offer control development over a scope of speeds. Each XTP Bullet has a swaging center and attracts copper coat to guarantee uniform development and in-flight strength. Adding a cannelure to this projectile keeps the center and the coat lock together while likewise permitting the cartridge case to firmly pleat, adding security at high speeds. All of Underwood Ammo adjusts use streak smothering powder with the goal that your vision won’t compromise on the off chance that it becomes important to utilize your gun in low light.


 WARNING:  Most importantly, this item can open you to Lead, which is to the State of California to cause malignant growth and birth abandons or other regenerative mischief. For more data go to Ammoandfirearmshop.com



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