338 Federal Ammo



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338 Federal Ammo

Hendershot’s Extreme Custom Ammo is the best source for 338 Federal ammunition. The 338 Federal ammunition is only available handloading. There are many options. Our custom ammunition will improve the performance of your rifle!

There are so many options for bullets, but here are our favorites.

Barnes TXX, and Tipped – These bullets are the most powerful and reliable. They offer exceptional accuracy and superior performance. They are legal in all parts of California due to their lead-free design. The 160gr TippedTM TSX is a great choice for hogs and deer!

Nosler Acubond They are very reliable at expanding at all speeds and offer excellent weight retention.

Swift A Frame – The A Frame is the most weight-retentive and predicable bullet for lead core bullets.

Muzzle velocity w/24’’ Barrel as follows:

  • 160gr bullets – 2900 FPS
  • 180-185gr bullets at 2650 FPS
  • 200gr bullets – 2550 FPS
  • 210gr bullets at 2500 FPS
  • 2350 FPS – 225gr bullets

Our “Extreme Custom Ammo” is the best. Each round is hand-built one at a.m. to ensure that your ammunition meets our high standards.

We would be happy to talk to you about bullet performance and bullet selection with our 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition. We are happy to talk with you at (240-347-4883).

You must be 18 years old to order!

Only UPS Ground or FedEx Ground shipping is allowed for ammunition. Airshipments are not allowed

No returns on ammunition under Federal Law.

Make sure to check your local laws before placing an order.


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