25 Winchester Super Short Magnum


Winchester Super Short Magnum, or WSSM is a line of rebated rim bottlenecked centerfire short magnum cartridges introduced by the US Repeating Arms Company (Winchester Inc). It is a further development of the Winchester Short Magnum concept utilizing smaller bullets, but of a still higher velocity.


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25 Winchester Super Short Magnum

Winchester Super Short Magnum, also known as WSSM can be described as a series of bottlenecked, rebated rim short magnums with centerfire developed in the United States by Winchester Inc. US Repeating Arms Company (Winchester Inc.). It is an additional improvement from Winchester’s Winchester Short Magnum concept utilizing smaller bullets but with more velocity. 223 WSSM is not was revived in the Browning-designed Winchester Model 70s, but Browning has decided to utilize chrome-lined barrels on all its guns that are chambered for. 223 WSSM. It has also launched the. 223 WSSM cartridge to be a chambering for its A-bolt rifles.  25 Winchester Super Short Magnum buy right now 

The .25 The WSSM is an absolute miniature powerhouse. It has been said that this gun is perfect for children in a unusual way. Contrary to the other WSSM’s it is the .25 cartridge can shoot 87 grain bullets in the beginning and then progress to 120 grain hard-hitting bullets once the shooter develops confidence. This cartridge can be easily modified to accommodate hunters from 11-12 years old, yet it will serve the shooter well into late teens, or even for the duration of their hunt if that’s what is best for them. The .25 can be downloaded and fully loaded with a plethora of speeds and all this from the 22″ barrel. Hendershot’s “Extreme” Custom Ammunition is your best source for 25 WSSM ammo ! Our favorites include: Nosler 100 & 115gr Ballistic Tip, Barnes 100gr TSX . 25 WSSM ammo 


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