223 Rem – 55 Grain FMJ – Igman – 1000 Rounds



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Igman was founded to supply ammunition to the Yugoslav National Army. That particular army no longer exists, but Igman is still going strong in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They owe their longevity not just to the consistent quality of their ammunition, but also their ability to churn out ample quantities of the 223 Rem American enthusiasts love so much.

This cartridge is crowned with the 223 Rem’s all-time most popular 55 grain FMJ projectile. It’s loaded to conventional pressure to give it a muzzle velocity of (or very close to) 3,200 fps. The full metal jacket projectile can’t expand per se, although its ability to turn itself into bits of shrapnel inside of soft tissue makes its close-to-medium range terminal ballistics fairly unpleasant all the same.

Igman’s bullet is made of exactly two materials: lead and copper alloy. As such this round’s bullet cannot attract a magnet, and will not attract unwelcome attention from a range master who enforces a magnetic ammo ban.

Igman mints their own brass cases in their Bosnian factory. They run much more reliably and cleanly through an AR-15 than steel could ever hope to. These rounds are also furnished with non-corrosive Boxer primers, making them at once clean-shooting and reloadable.


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