223 Rem – 55 Grain FMJ – Browning – 1000 Rounds



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Browning didn’t reinvent the wheel when they designed this 223 Rem ammunition. It is loaded to American AR-15 owners’ favorite specs, and it is a versatile choice for target shooting whether your targets are nearby cans, medium range cardboard silhouettes or distant gongs!

Although it is a 223 Rem, this round is loaded pretty much identically to the Armed Forces’ M193 cartridge. Its 55 grain FMJ issues out of a rifle barrel at 3,240 fps, placing its G1 ballistic coefficient at approximately 0.243. In plain speak that means you’ll get the accuracy to need to train to the best of your abilities. Browning’s American-made bullets are comprised of solid lead cores and copper alloy jackets – no steel to be found in this nonmagnetic ammo!

Browning’s brass cases are fresh out of the factory. You will see where the brass has been discolored by the annealing process, which made it stronger for reloadability’s sake and supple to seal off the chamber more effectively during ignition. Non-corrosive Boxer primers and clean-burning powder bring an all-American round all together. Ideal for target practice, but not to be overlooked if you ever need a quick solution for self-defense!


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